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Transform your future and be an intern in the United States

Studying in the United States has never been so easy! With SG Global internship and study programs, you find the best program to grow professionally, learn a new language and live in the USA.

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Want to study in the United States?

Find out which visas you need to be a student in the US, and how we can help you get them.


Live in the United States as an Au Pair, Trainee or Intern

The J1 visa is suitable for qualified professionals who seek to transform their lives by living in the United States and acting as Trainees or interns in their respective areas, or providing Au Pair services.


Study and leverage your career in the United States

The F1 visa is temporary and intended for students who want to live in the United States to learn the language or study at an American institution. This visa can only be issued to students accepted or enrolled at an institution in the United States.

What are the advantages of getting visas with SG Global Group?

Discover the advantages of changing your life with the first Brazilian company specializing in visa and housing processes in the United States.


Safe solutions that transform people's lives.


Protected choices and easy processes.


Agile and easy immigration processes.


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